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Transactional Analysis 101

This is the ‘official’ introduction to TA that provides a comprehensive overview of the principle TA concepts and practice models. It will appeal to professionals from the fields of organisation development, human resources, coaching, line management, and education.

Transactional analysis (TA) is a theory of personality and a systematic approach to achieving personal, interpersonal and organisation development. TA has gained major recognition for its effectiveness in developing individuals, teams, and organisations. It is also used extensively in schools and in adult education as a creative and supportive framework for influencing learning.

Participants on this two day programme can strengthen their professional practice by learning the key concepts from this robust psychological framework.

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Transactional Analysis for Managers

This two day programme introduces Transactional analysis (TA) as a wide ranging set of theories and techniques that can be used by individuals and groups to enable and promote personal and professional growth in order to maximise potential and improve performance. TA is a theory of personality and its particular uses in organisation are:

• It gives us a picture of how people are structured psychologically
• It provides a theory of communication
• It helps us to analyse systems and organisations
• It supports the development of effective interpersonal skills

TA is a powerful tool in management and communications and the theory can be used in any situation where there is a need for understanding of individuals, relationships and communication.

Transactional Analysis for Coaches (Certificate Programme)

This programme is intended for coaches already in practice who wish to make developmental TA a major element of their professional approach. Whilst the programme is aimed at coaches, professionals in the field of consulting and management education may be interested. The programme is structured in such a way as to allow the participant to graduate with a certificate which is linked to their own professional field.

Very few professional approaches are as rigorous as that for transactional analysis. Students are expected to develop a high level of self-awareness so that their issues do not interfere with the needs of the client. Students are expected to spend time analysing group and organisational dynamics so that they can do this whilst maintaining the focus of their interventions.

Developmental TA is concerned with applying TA to the process of change and growth at a personal, professional, group and organisational level. Transactional Analysts working within the organisational field focus on using TA in a way that involves sharing (teaching) the models and concepts with clients and working with (facilitating) them to increase their self-awareness and hence their behavioural options. Clients are also helped to understand the structures that operate within groups, teams and organisations.

The programme consists of 20 days of training/supervision within a framework consisting of 6 key learning areas:

• Core themes in TA
• Professional Interventions
• Individual Development
• Interactions and Relationships
• Group Processes
• Organisations and Institutions

Next programme starting September 2016


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