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Coaching Masterclass Series 2020

The International Centre for Business Coaching announces its Coaching Masterclass Series with Dr Sandra Wilson TSTA (O) MCC, taking place on 20th and 21st October 2020. These will be delivered online.

Cost £200 plus Vat if booked separately of £350 plus Vat for both days. Please contact to reserve your place.

ICB Coaching

Coaching through transition – 20th October (ICF CCEUs 6)

What brings our clients to us? Often an event, a change in their lives, a desire to be different, internal or external pressure. Turbulence in some shape or form. We will explore the concept of change for a systemic perspective and consider how a change in one part of the system forces change in other parts of the same system and the subsequent human reaction to change.

In this workshop, Sandra Wilson will present her thinking on the difference between change and transition, change being an event and transition being a psychological experience. Participants will be invited to consider their work using this frame of reference considering how we engage our clients in psychological transition in pursuit of insight, choice, decision and action. We will look at how we can reframe change and to work as peaceful ambassadors of transition.

Surfacing the unconscious – Discovering the three aspects of self – 21st October (ICF CCEUs 8)

This Masterclass is for coaches and supervisors who are seeking to develop their understanding of themselves to better serve the parties to the professional relationship. It is based on research done by the presenter into how the coach’s unconscious mind influences the coaching process. The day will start with a short explanation of the research question; the methodology and the findings.

Participants will be invited to engage in a journey of discovery which identifies not only the coach’s relationship with the external parties to the contract but also with different parts of self. They will have the opportunity to work with metaphor, symbolic representation and metaphoric landscape.

Participants will travel from mental activity, reflecting on lived experience, perceptions and events to the exploration of mental constructs which are inferred, discovered and translated into conscious awareness. They will be expected to coach/supervise each other to support the journey of self-discovery.


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