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“The Diploma in Business Coaching was well worth the investment in cost and time for my organisation as well as myself. Being able to learn coaching at this level with a group of people with a range of experiences and perspectives was really valuable. A plus was the great opportunity to extend my personal and professional network and build relationships for the organisation.”

Susan Bishop
National Programme Manager, Quality and Efficiency Support Team


“Sandra Wilson has a breadth of experience and depth of knowledge in the coaching arena which she shares in an instructive, powerful and sometimes humorous teaching style.”

Lynda Tongue


“I found the Diploma in Business coaching truly inspirational. I looked forward to the course days every month as I always left feeling energised and enthusiastic. I knew nothing about coaching prior to undertaking the course and was amazed to witness the positive impact that individuals experienced through being coached and training to be a coach. As part of the course I was coached for the first time and found this a motivating, enlightening and exciting experience that led to transformational change. Until I embarked on this course, I thought that I knew myself – the course has taken me on a journey of self discovery and awareness that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I am benefiting greatly from knowing and understanding myself so much more now.”

Fiona Rennie
Service Manager Angus Council


“I had a bit of background in coaching before I started the course but found that on the one hand no assumptions about background were made whilst on the other hand we were all encouraged to build upon our existing skills. The course provided a very rich learning and skills- building environment through a careful mix of theoretical input, observation of expert coaching and lots of supervised practice of coaching, supplemented by plenty of "in the field" coaching practice. The qualification cemented this learning by encouraging reflection on our coaching practice; on ethics and on our depth of understanding of theory. This meant that we embarked on coaching, after the course, with an increasing degree of competence and confidence.”

Christine Hamilton


“Undertaking the ICB Diploma In Business Coachng Course was a steep learning curve for me. It not only gave me an understanding and insight of the Transactional Analysis theories and concepts used on the course, it gave me a greater understanding and insight of self. I would say that this was a life changing experience for me and one that I am glad I was given the opportunity to take.”

Isobel Anderson
Assessment Centre Manager/Team Leader
Workforce Development Section


“I would recommend the programme to any Organisational Development Consultants or those who have developing people as part of their role. The programme provided a solid theoretical framework for developing my practice and allowed me to build the skills necessary to provide coaching internally within my Organisation. The experiential learning the programme provides adds to the richness of the experience and was invaluable to me personally.”

Sharon Slane
Modernisation Consultant


“The Diploma in Business Coaching programme helped me learn just about everything I needed to know about coaching within an organisational setting; from developing my coaching skills, to understanding the process of setting up a coaching contract, and concluding the coaching relationship. The psychodynamic element of the programme helped me gain a whole new perspective on myself, how I relate to people and my communication style. This understanding has allowed me to have more meaningful conversations in every area of my life, as well as within coaching relationships. The connections I made on the course have supported my ongoing development as a coach, and have been pivotal in helping PKC develop a strategic approach to coaching within the Council, and across the Community Planning Partnership. I graduated from the programme in May 2011. I experienced it as both challenging and enjoyable in equal measure. My advice? If you get the chance to participate in this programme, grab it with both hands!”

Sandra Flanigan
Team Leader, Corporate Organisational Development
Corporate Business Change and IT
Education and Children's Services


“As an independant people and organisational development facilitator this course has enabled me to add another service to my portfolio of offerings. The group learning on the course, the safe environment for developing insight and awareness, and the overall experience was stimulating and enjoyable, as well as very informative and positive.”

Anne Tavendale

“Excellent programme, challenging, though-provoking and fun! Public services are undergoing a time of significant change and now, more than ever, managers need to hone their leadership skills. Coaching is a dynamic, stimulating process essential for any successful contemporary organisation in these turbulent but exciting times.”

Adrian McLaughlin
Principal Planning Officer, Directorate Support Unit, Social Work & Health


“I would recommend this programme to anyone who wants to gain a deeper insight into who they are and their way of being in the world, which in turn lets you be the best coach you can be. For me the skills of being a coach benefited me personally on a deeper level and has had an effect in all aspects of my professional life, from coaching to challenging day to day conversations.”

Donna McEwan

Organisational Development Facilitator


“My experience of the Certificate in Business Coaching programme was that it was a rich, multi-faceted learning experience. One which encouraged choice of exploration and discovery of self. It enabled me to improve my toolbag in listening techniques, communication and how to coach. Furthermore the self-exploration, in turn, has allowed me to integrate with others with a greater impact and to further my coaching journey. I am now an internal bank coach working towards my ICF accreditation.”

Emma Dear
Allied Health Professions Directorate


“What can I say? The first leg of my coach learning journey was extremely enjoyable and worthwhile – I felt somewhat exhilarated at the end of each two day module, rather than feeling exhausted. I’ve been stretched, and now have a deeper understanding of who I am and why, and of the impact I can have on a coaching process. I’ve learned so much about coaching, from a true Master and from my peers on the programme. The feedback from observed coaching sessions, course work and the framework presentation increased my confidence in being a coach and kept me focussed on where I needed to further develop. I’m now into the second leg of my journey and feel well-prepared for it. I would thoroughly recommend this programme to anyone who is looking to develop as a coach and is prepared to set out on a significant learning journey.”

Morag McDermid


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