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Our Coaching Philosophy

Our Definition of Coaching

Coaching is as present and future-focussed developmental intervention designed to bring about positive individual change and systemic change. Coaching is a process of enquiry, analysis, reflection and resolution.

Our Philosophy

Our coaching philosophy is underpinned by the belief that all human beings can change, grow and develop and that if one person in a system has the capacity to change other members of the same system have that capacity.

ICB Coaching

Principles underpinning our philosophy

• People at all organisational levels can benefit from coaching
• The process of appreciative enquiry recognises and strengthens individual and organisational health
• The skills of coaching and being coached can be developed in anyone regardless of role and background
• A systemic approach will have the greatest payback to the organisation
• People contribute more to the organisation and their colleagues when they feel valued, consulted and motivated
• Coaching promotes empowerment, confidence and capability
• People usually know the answers to problem situations: coaching enables them to find out what they know.

Transactional Analysis – The ICBC Psychological Framework

All of our work is underpinned by the theory and practice of Transactional Analysis.

Transactional analysis (TA) is a theory of personality and a systematic approach to achieving personal, interpersonal and organisation development. TA has gained major recognition for its effectiveness in developing individuals, teams, and organisations. It is also used extensively in schools and in adult education as a creative and supportive framework for influencing learning.


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