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Direct Communication & Respectful Challenge

How often do we hold back from saying what we know needs to be said? How often do we avoid giving someone feedback for fear of upsetting them or getting into conflict? How often do we do things ourselves because it seems easier than getting the other person to take responsibility for what they need to do? The answer is “All too often”.

This two day workshop is designed to change participants’ thinking and behaviour through teaching direct communication and respectful challenge. Direct communication and respectful challenge go hand-in-hand. Used effectively they can create awareness, encourage change and establish boundaries. Using direct communication is a way of:

• Giving feedback
• Managing boundaries
• Asking for change

Working with the concept of “self-deception” participants will be challenged to become more mindful in their communication. The programme starts with the notion that we are all partially right sometimes but we often have trouble distinguishing fact from opinion and so we get caught unhealthy communication.

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