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Diploma in Team Coaching

We are currently reviewing the content of the programme against the new team competences identified by two of the professional coaching bodies. Watch this space for further information.

This programme is for experienced coaches who want to expand their competence in the area of team coaching. This programme will teach team coaching from a systems-psychodynamic perspective and offer a rich blend of practical skills development and robust psychological theory. The programme is designed to take participants beyond technique and help them to develop their unique framework as a team coach.

The programme is designed to develop participants’ professional practice as a team coach through a combination of practical enquiry, capability development, theoretical rigour, active experimentation and real-time team coaching. The programme enables participants to learn in a participative forum, interacting with each other and the tutors to engage the full range of learning styles. Our experiential approach builds on existing skills, provokes self-reflection and integrates new learning into participants' practice from the start.

The programme takes the perspective of organisations as self-organising complex human systems. Participants are encouraged to observe closely the phenomena of individual and group interactions in organisational life and make sense of these in a way that is appropriate and contextual.

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