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The International Centre for Business Coaching

The International Centre for Business Coaching, which trades as Sandra Wilson Consulting Limited, was established in 2006, to offer a systemic approach to the development of coaching in business settings.

We have evolved coaching focussed products and services which have supported clients to take an integrated approach to the implementation of coaching in their organisations, linking coaching to strategic imperatives, thus ensuring a return on investment.

Our success is built on our ability to co-create collaborative partnerships with our clients. It is our belief that there are a number of essential conditions for consultants and client organisations if they are to be truly highly performing, regardless of their operating environment.

When contracting with clients, we apply the following practices to the project aims, objectives and specific contexts:

• Commitment to a clear vision
• Mutual support and encouragement
• Clearly defined roles and procedures
• Collaboration & cooperation on task and goal achievement
• Respect for individual contributions
• Empowering communication
• Constructive critique

These serve as a useful framework for monitoring the performance of the programme leaders and the progress of the project. Clients who work with us can expect to experience a robust framework for professional organisational and individual growth without rigid formulas.

We work nationally and internationally offering a suite of training programmes and a range of consultancy services.


Excellent programme, challenging, though-provoking and fun! Now, more than ever, managers need to hone their leadership skills.

Adrian McLaughlin
Principal Planning Officer, Directorate Support Unit, Social Work & Health


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